Starting in winter semester 2021/22

Brief description

Curriculum (in English)

Degree programe code: 066 953
Degree programme: Master's programme
Degree programme duration: 4 semesters
Workload: 120 ECTS credits
Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Language of instructions: English
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Programme outcomes

Students of the Master's programme Research in Economics and Finance receive an in-depth and complementary scientific education in the fields of economics and finance. Accordingly, the programme comprises a thorough and in-depth education in the core subjects, as well as an introduction to ongoing research in the field of economics and finance.

Fields of activity

Graduates will be prepared for a PhD study programme in economics or finance and subsequently a career in academia or research institutes.


Compulsory Modules
ECTS required: 48
Individual Decisions and Markets12
Growth, Business Cycles and Unemployment8
Introductory Econometrics10
Game Theory and Strategic Uncertainty8
Econometrics II10
Alternative Compulsory Module Economics
ECTS required: 44
Advanced Macroeconomics8
Electives in Research in Economics20
Electives in Applied Economics12
Seminar in Economics4
Alternative Compulsory Module Finance
ECTS required: 44
Advanced Finance Courses12
Electives in Finance28
Seminar in Finance4
Master's Thesis
ECTS required: 28
Master's thesis22
Discussion course (Masterarbeitskonversatorium) 4
Master examination2

 Curriculum/Study plan

For all legal regulations and a detailed description of the structure of this degree programme, please refer to the curriculum.

Personal requirements

Students interested in Economics and Finance from a scientific perspective in an English-speaking environment will definitely enjoy this degree programme. The level of instruction is comparable to that of top departments in Europe.  A prerequisite to this master's programme is a keen interest in combining formal models with a thorough understanding of real-world economic phenomena.


Information about the admission is available on the website of the Admissions Office

Contact and help

Please address questions and concerns regarding the admission procedure to "Studienservice und Lehrwesen" via their contact form.

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You find useful information on the website of the SSC.

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