The Faculty has defined two categories of top journals. Category 1 are the very top journals in a field (top 10% according to the Article Influence Score provided by Web of Science plus some complementary lists). Category 2 are the next best journals in a field (top 25%).

The Faculty Journal List (FJL) can be found here. The list explains how journals are assigned to each category.

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Below we list an excerpt of Category 1 and Category 2 publications published in 2021. Other publications, e.g. book chapters, are listed in this year's research achievements.

Category 1

  • Acar, O. A., Dahl, D. W., Fuchs, C., & Schreier, M. (2021). The Signal Value of Crowdfunded Products. Journal of Marketing Research, 58(4), 644-661.
  • Archakov, I., & Hansen, P. R. (2021). A New Parametrization of Correlation Matrices. Econometrica, 89(4), 1699-1715.
  • Arya, A., Mittendorf, B., & Pfeiffer, T. (2021). Incentive Provision in Light of Expertise and Operational Involvement of Angel Investors. Production and Operations Management, 30(9), 2890-2909.
  • Baillon, A., & Xu, Y. (2021). Simple bets to elicit private signals. Theoretical Economics, 16(3), 777-797.
  • Bomze, I., Kahr, M., & Leitner, M. (2021). Trust Your Data or Not – StQP Remains StQP: Community Detection via Robust Standard Quadratic Optimization. Mathematics of Operations Research, 46(1), 301-316.
  • Carmona, G., & Podczeck, K. (2021). Strict pure strategy Nash equilibria in large finite-player games. Theoretical Economics, 16(3), 1055-1093.
  • Cuchiero, C., Gonon, L., Grigoryeva, L., Ortega, J-P., & Teichmann, J. (2021). Discrete-time signatures and randomness in reservoir computing. IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems.
  • Florio, A. M., Hartl, R., Minner, S., & Salazar-González, J. J. (2021). A branch-and-price algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands and probabilistic duration constraints. Transportation Science, 55(1), 122-138.
  • Gansterer, M., Födermayr, P., & Hartl, R. (2021). The capacitated multi-level lot-sizing problem with distributed agents. International Journal of Production Economics, 235, [108090].
  • Granulo, A., Fuchs, C., & Puntoni, S. (2021). Preference for Human (vs. Robotic) Labor is Stronger in Symbolic Consumption Contexts. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31(1), 72-80.
  • Hu, Z., & Tang, W. (2021). Size Matters, So Does Duration: The Interplay Between Offer Size and Offer Deadline. Management Science, 67(8), 4935-4960.
  • Jaber, E. A., Cuchiero, C., Larsson, M., & Pulido, S. (2021). A weak solution theory for stochastic Volterra equations of convolution type. Annals of Applied Probability, vol. 31(No. 6), 2924.
  • Jomrich, G., Paireder, M., Kristo, I., Baierl, A., Ilhan-Mutlu, A., Preusser, M., Asari, R., & Schoppmann, S. F. (2021). High Systemic Immune-Inflammation Index is an Adverse Prognostic Factor for Patients With Gastroesophageal Adenocarcinoma. Annals of Surgery, 273(3), 532-541.
  • Kahr, M., Leitner, M., Ruthmair, M., & Sinnl, M. (2021). Benders decomposition for competitive influence maximization in (social) networks. Omega, 100, [102264].
  • Keck, S., & Tang, W. (2021). Elaborating or Aggregating? The Joint Effects of Group Decision-Making Structure and Systematic Errors on the Value of Group Interactions. Management Science, 67(7), 3985-4642, iii-iv.
  • Kivaranovic, D., & Leeb, H. (2021). Expected length of post-model-selection confidence intervals conditional on polyhedral constraints. American Statistical Association. Journal, 116(534), 845-857.
  • Lang, M. A. K., Cleophas, C., & Ehmke, J. F. (2021). Multi-criteria Decision Making in Dynamic Slotting for Attended Home Deliveries. Omega, 102, [102305].
  • Leymarie, J., Scaillet, O., Hurlin, C., & Banulescu, D. (2021). Backtesting Marginal Expected Shortfall and Related Systemic Risk measures. Management Science, 67(9), 5730-5754.
  • Linsbichler, A. (2021). Austrian economics without extreme apriorism - Construing the fundamental axiom of praxeology as analytic. Synthese: an international journal for epistemology, methodology and philosophy of science, 198, 3359-3390.
  • Lutz, F., & Pichler, P. (2021). Financial stability regulation under borrowing and liquidity externalities. Journal of the European Economic Association, 19(2), 1000-1040.
  • Maniezzo, V., Boschetti, M., & Gutjahr, W. (2021). Stochastic premarshalling of block stacking warehouses. Omega, 102, [102336].
  • Mitrea, E. C., Mühlböck, M., & Warmuth, J. R. (2021). Extreme Pessimists? Expected Socioeconomic Downward Mobility and the Political Attitudes of Young Adults. Political Behavior, 43, 785-811.
  • Schlag, K., & Zapechelnyuk, A. (2021). Robust sequential search. Theoretical Economics, 16(4), 1431-1470.
  • Wolf, M. (2020). Pecuniary externalities in economies with downward wage rigidity. Journal of Monetary Economics, 116, 219-235.

Category 2

  • Altenburger, M. (2021). Mood and honesty in budget reporting. Management Accounting Research, 50, [100707].
  • Andersen, T. G., Archakov, I., Grund, L. E., Hautsch, N., Li, Y., Nasekin, S., Nolte, I., Pham, M. C., Taylor, S., & Todorov, V. (2021). A Descriptive Study of High-Frequency Trade and Quote Option Data. Journal of Financial Econometrics, 19(1), 128-177.
  • Bamieh, O., & Cintolesi, A. (2021). Intergenerational transmission in regulated professions and the role of familism. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 192, 857-879.
  • Brausmann, A., Akay, A., Djajic, S., & Kirdar, M. (2021). Purchasing Power Parity Shocks and Saving Behavior of Temporary Migrants. European Economic Review, 134, [103682].
  • Brausmann, A., Flubacher, M., & Lechthaler, F. (2021). Valuing Meteorological Services in Resource-Constrained Settings: Application to smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Altiplano. Climate Risk Management, 34, [100360].
  • Castillo, G. (2021). Preference reversals with social distances. Journal of Economic Psychology, 86, [102410].
  • Cuchiero, C., & Papariello-Svaluto-Ferro, S. (2021). Infinite dimensional polynomial processes. Finance and Stochastics, 25(2), 383-426.
  • Debellis, F., Rondi, E., Plakoyiannaki, M. E., & De Massis, A. (2021). Riding the waves of family firm internationalization: A systematic literature review, integrative framework, and research agenda. Journal of World Business, 56(1), [101144].
  • Dmytriv, S., Bodnar, T., Okhrin, Y., Parolya, N., & Schmid, W. (2021). Statistical Inference for the Expected Utility Portfolio in High Dimensions. IEEE transactions on signal processing, 69, 1-14.
  • Feichtinger, G., Grass, D., Kort, P., & Seidl, A. (2021). On the Matthew effect in research careers. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 123, [104058].
  • Garcia, D., & Tsur, M. (2021). Information design in competitive insurance markets. Journal of Economic Theory, 191, [105160].
  • Gehrig, T., & Iannino, M. C. (2021). Did the Basel Process of Capital Regulation Enhance the Resiliency of European Banks? Journal of Financial Stability, 55.
  • Gehrig, T., & Stenbacka, R. (2021). Journal Competition and the Quality of Published Research: Simultaneous versus Sequential Screening. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 76.
  • Gidaković, P., Szöcs, I., Diamantopoulos, A., Florack, A., Egger, M., & Zabkar, V. (2021). The Interplay of Brand-, Brand Origin-, and Brand User Stereotypes in Forming Value Perceptions. British Journal of Management.
  • Granic, G. D., & Wagner, A. K. (2021). Where Power Resides in Committees. The Leadership Quarterly, 32(4), [101285].
  • Grass, D., Feichtinger, G., Kort, P. M., & Seidl, A. (2021). Why (some) abnormal problems are "normal". Systems & Control Letters, 154, [104971].
  • Gutjahr, W. (2021). Inequity-averse stochastic decision processes. European Journal of Operational Research, 288(1), 258-270.
  • Hochmuth, B., Kohlbrecher, B., Merkl, C., & Gartner, H. (2021). Hartz IV and the decline of German unemployment: A macroeconomic evaluation. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 127.
  • Jirak, J. M., Wu, W. B., & Zhao, O. (2021). Sharp connections between Berry-Esseen characteristics and Edgeworth expansions for stationary processes. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 374, 4129-4183.
  • Koch, C., Kamm, A., & Nikiforakis, N. (2021). The ghost of institutions past: History as an obstacle to fighting tax evasion? European Economic Review, 132, [103641].
  • Koch, C., Nikiforakis, N., & Noussair, C. (2021). Covenants before the swords: The limits to efficient cooperation in heterogeneous groups. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 188, 307-321.
  • Leppäaho, T., Jack, S. L., & Plakoyiannaki, M. E. (2021). Network Mechanisms in the Entry and Post-Entry Phases of Internationalization: Evidence from Finnish Family Firms. British Journal of Management.
  • Liu, H., Tatano, H., Pflug, G., & Hochrainer, S. (2021). Post-disaster Recovery in Industrial Sectors: A Markov Process Analysis of Multiple Lifeline Disruptions. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 206, [107299].
  • Mancini, S., Gansterer, M., & Hartl, R. (2021). The collaborative consistent vehicle routing problem with workload balance. European Journal of Operational Research, 293(3), 995-965.
  • Mermer, A. G., Müller, W., & Suetens, S. (2021). Cooperation in indefinitely repeated games of strategic complements and substitutes. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 188, 1191-1205.
  • Mühlböck, M., Kalleitner, F., Steiber, N., & Kittel, B. (2021). Information, Reflection, and Successful Job Search: A Labor Market Policy Experiment. Social Policy & Administration, 56(1), 48-72.
  • Pflug, G., Hochrainer, S., Canedo Rosso, C., Berndtsson, R., & Condori, B. (2021). Drought impact in the Bolivian Altiplano agriculture associated with El Niño Southern Oscillation using satellite imagery data. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21(3), 995-1010.
  • Plakoyiannaki, M. E., & Budhwar, P. (2021). From Convention to Alternatives: Rethinking Qualitative Research in Management Scholarschip. British Journal of Management, 32, 3-6.
  • Reindl, I., & Tyran, J-R. (2021). Equal opportunities for all? How income redistribution promotes support for economic inclusion. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 190, 390-407.
  • Sausgruber, R., Sonntag, A., & Tyran, J-R. (2021). Disincentives from Redistribution: Evidence on a Dividend of Democracy. European Economic Review, 136, [103749].
  • Schneider, L. F., Krajina, A., & Krivobokova, T. (2021). Threshold selection in univariate extreme value analysis. Extremes.
  • Wolfinger, D. (2021). A Large Neighborhood Search for the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows, Split Loads and Transshipments. Computers and Operations Research, 126, [105110].
  • Wolfinger, D., & Salazar-González, J-J. (2021). The Pickup and Delivery Problem with Split Loads and Transshipments: A Branch-and-Cut Solution Approach. European Journal of Operational Research, 289(2), 470-484.
  • Westheide, C. (2020). Call of Duty: Designated Market Maker Participation in Call Auctions. Journal of Financial Markets, 49, [100530].