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Guidelines for writing Master’s Theses at the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics of the University of Vienna

These guidelines contain the internal procedures of the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics (hereinafter “Faculty”) for students and supervisors regarding the process of development for Master’s Theses as well as for the cooperation between students and supervisors.

These guidelines aim to standardize and achieve a common understanding of this academic accomplishment within the Faculty. They also serve as a legal basis for the study program management in case of possible disagreements.

The following information mentions legal regulations insofar as they are relevant for the implementation of these procedures. The legal regulations can be found in the corresponding sources (University Law, the Statutes of the University of Vienna and in the respective curriculum).

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Before you start with your thesis

  • General rules and workflow
  • What distinguishes a Master’s thesis from a seminar paper?
  • Finding a topic and supervisor
  • Overview of potential topics and supervisors
  • Rules for good scientific practices
  • Registration of topic and supervisor

While you are working on your thesis

  • General formal requirements of the University of Vienna
  • Collaboration with your supervisor
  • Format of the Master's Thesis
  • Common Mistakes
  • Jointly Written Theses
  • Master Conversatorium

After you have completed your thesis

  • Delivery and Assessment
  • Plagiarism and Plagiarism Check
  • Thesis Embargo
  • Registration for Master Defence (Oral Exam)