Master - Academic paper - after completing your thesis

Submission and assessment

With the agreement of the supervisor, the student must upload the completed thesis in PDF format to the university server ( In the case that certain attachments cannot be converted into PDF format, support is available through:
The upload process records metadata and requests the abstract separately.

During the upload process, metadata is collected and the abstract is requested separately. When you have successfully uploaded your work, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This confirmation has to be signed and sent to SSC via E-Mail ( This upload confirmation automatically includes the affidavit. Submit the printed versions to the Study Service Center or the porter of the building.

Furthermore, students can individually indicate whether their work should be accessible as full text online (via the library catalogue) or not. This is not the same as requesting a publication ban for the master's thesis (see Publication ban for academic work).

Students automatically receive the results of the plagiarism check via email. Within 10 days, students must submit the bound print versions (3 copies of the master’s thesis or 5 copies of the dissertation) the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC). Please make sure that your work meets the formal requirements of the University of Vienna (see downloadcenter for guidlines).

Please consider the following criteria for submission:

  • 3 copies of the thesis (black, hard cover; printed double-sided)
  • Signed email confirmation of the upload to HOPLA
  • Completed form “Assessment of Scientific Work”

After submitting the print version, the supervisor has 2 months to evaluate the work and prepare a report. Students have the right to see the assessment documents of their scientific work. A copy of the report will be issued with the final documents.

Plagiarism and the plagiarism check

There is a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism at the University of Vienna. If plagiarism is proven in a preliminary version of the paper, the supervisor can immediately terminate the supervisor relationship in consultation with the program director. Every quotation or wording that has been copied verbatim must be linked to a reference to the source. Literal quotations should generally be avoided; instead, own formulations should be used.

If, after submission, it is discovered in the course of the assessment that the master's thesis violates the rules of good academic practice, the thesis must be marked as plagiarism and the Büro Studienpräses as well as the supervisor are informed.

During the plagiarism check it is checked whether the submitted academic work or parts of it are plagiarisms.

According to the Universities Act 2002, the definition of plagiarism is as follows:

“An act of plagiarism is unquestionably committed, when text, content, or ideas are used and presented as one's own. This encompasses in particular the appropriation and use of text, theories, hypotheses, findings or data by directly quoting, paraphrasing or translating them without appropriate acknowledgement and reference to the source and the original author.”  (§ 51 Abs. 2 Ziffer 31 UG)


Before starting the plagiarism check, students should be aware of the following:

Not a test run

The plagiarism check is not a test run! Once the document and the sworn declaration have been uploaded, any plagiarism discovered can have legal consequences.

PDF conversion

The thesis must be uploaded as a PDF to the university server. Students should use the latest version of a PDF converter when converting the document to PDF .

File size

Files larger than 40 MB often cause problems and should be avoided. Therefore, please pay attention while formatting pictures, tables etc.

Annotated title page

When the thesis is uploaded to the university server, an annotated title page appears. This serves to explain how a proper title page should look. Click through the annotated title page and confirm at the bottom that the title page of your submitted thesis complies with the title page requirements of the University of Vienna.

Find more information on the plagiarism check here.

Registration for the thesis defense (final oral exam)

All Master's students in (International) Business Administration, Economics and Banking and Finance must take an oral final examination to obtain their degree. As soon as the Master's thesis has been assessed and the grade has been entered, students can register for the final examination. The supervisor of the Master thesis is also the examiner for the defense part in (International) Business Administration or for the first examination subject in Economics and Banking & Finance. In this part, the student is examined on the Master's thesis and its thematic field (the subject area in which the thesis was written).

If the supervisor is not able to examine the specialisation subject of the Master thesis, they have to make sure together with the students that a suitable examiner is available for the specialisation subject when registering the Master thesis.

Detailed information on the final oral exam can be found here.