The Faculty and its institutes are very proud of their students and therefore award prizes for student achievement. Since 2019, the following awards are given to students and teaching faculty members as part of the Action Week:

  • Best first-year Master Student
  • Best Supervisor
  • Professor of the Year

To promote young scientists, the Federal Ministry of Science and Research offers the "Award of Excellence" annually. In recent years, some of our Faculty's doctoral candidates have received the Award of Excellence.

Best first-year Master Student

Award for exceptional performance for first-year Master Students

The ceremony will take place on Master Day, Tuesday, 1. October, at 1:00 pm in the Skylounge.

Best Supervisor

Prize for the best Master Thesis Supervisor

The ceremony will take place on Master Day, Tuesday, 1. October, at 1:00 pm in the Skylounge.

Professor of the Year

Award for special commitment in teaching and research

The prize will awarded on Science Day, Thursday, 1. October, at 1:30 pm in the Skylounge.

Review of past awards

The Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics awarded the Didaktikus teaching award annually until winter semester of 2018-2019. 

Recipients 2017:

  • Luca Katharina Fuhrmann (PraeDoc)
  • Margaretha Gansterer (PostDoc)
  • Martin Glanzer (PraeDoc)
  • Georgios Halkias (PostDoc)
  • Barbara Klusacek (PraeDoc)

The Institute of Business Administration awarded the master's thesis prize for the best master's thesis with prize money donated by companies. In 2016, ten students received the award for outstanding theses from the former Dean, Univ.-Prof. Oliver Fabel, and the board of the Institute of Business Administration, Univ.-Prof. Otto Altenburger.

Recipients 2016: Katarina Bachner, Maximilian Böger, Alina-Gabriela Dragomir, Marcel Uwe Dumeier, Michaela Kirchhofer, Thomas Scheffl, Halina Marie Schikner, Maria Tomasz, Irina Vittur

The Master Student Award was annually awarded to those outstanding Master students who demonstrated excellence in social skills, extracurricular activities and academic achievement.

Recipients 2016:

  • Markus Gabl
  • Magdalena Goll
  • Lucy Liu
  • Lukas Milanovich
  • Gernot Pruschak