The Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics pursues its goals in accordance with its own fundamental principles, which include the following points:
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The aim of research in the fields of business, economics and statistics is to understand economic processes better, and thus to exert a positive influence on them. Ultimately, the research findings produced at our faculty should serve the faster and more efficient accomplishment of the different goals of economic behaviour (of consumers, enterprises, politicians, etc.) and thus contribute to the growth and efficient distribution of wealth.


Instruction at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics is research-oriented. This means that our curricula accord with the research profile of the faculty and that we make sure students are familiarised with the respective newest findings and methodologies of scientific research. It also means that we promote a scientific mode of working and thinking in our students, based on critical queries in the relevant contexts and not the mere reproduction of seemingly secured knowledge.

Expert knowledge

Students from other faculties can acquire competences in the fields of business, economics and statistics through their choice of minors. The faculty tries to cater to the growing need for further university education with demand-oriented expansion of the range of courses on offer in the postgraduate domain. This is realised by the development of new curricula, which are specially calibrated to the realities of the professional world, as well as high-quality university courses leading to internationally comparable master's degrees. These courses constitute an important point of intersection between theory and practice.