Economics and Related Fields

When ranking universities by publications in very good journals (A+ & A) in the institutional ranking of the Handelsblatt 2015 for the German-speaking area (last available update), we score a highly respectable rank 9 and rank 8 when adjusting for size (i.e. by points per professor). When considering all journals, we rank worse overall (rank 13), and rank 9 when adjusted for size. This difference in rankings reflects the Faculty’s tendency to publish in high-quality journals. Overall, 5 professors belong to the top-125 researchers in economics, which represents about 10% of all professors in economics in the German-speaking area.

We score an excellent rank 4 in the German-speaking area. This ranking is based on Europe-wide data provided by IDEAS at the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis using RePEc data, as of January 2017. We use this data to rank the research output at Universities in the German-speaking area. IDEAS draws on 25,476 registered authors to rank a total of 3,404 institutions (the ranking also lists national banks, think tanks, etc., as of January 2017). The first 5 ranks in the all-European ranking go to London School of Economics (LSE), Oxford University, Paris School of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), and the European Central Bank.


Institutional Ranking "Economics" (sorted by publication in A+ & A journals)

# of
Points per
Professor with highest research outputhis/her share
1University of Zurich52.7774173.27Ernst Fehr15 %
2University of Bonn49.8577272.45Armin Falk10 %
3University of Mannheim44.5269272.15Klaus Adam9 %
4University of Cologne37.6171232.73Matthias Sutter15 %
5Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich36.3480292.51Kai A. Konrad9 %
6Humboldt University of Berlin29.8859143.49Marcel Fratzscher14 %
7Goethe University Frankfurt27.5853182.54Roman Inderst27 %
8University of Lausanne24.2340152.08Rafael Lalive10 %
University of Vienna
Jean-Robert Tyran
13 %
10ETH Zurich20.8067113.57Peter Egger22 %

Source: Handelsblatt 2015


Institutional Ranking "Economics" in GER/CH/AT

Rank GER/CH/ATRank in EuropeUniversity
110University of Zurich
245Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
359Goethe University Frankfurt
University of Vienna
567University of Bonn
668University of Mannheim
772ETH Zurich
874University of St. Gallen
979Vienna University of Economics and Business
1083University of Konstanz

Source: RePEc, https://ideas.repec.org/top/top.europe.html