Up and Coming

This page showcases our most promising and successful junior (i.e. non-tenured) faculty.

The criterion for inclusion is that the person has published papers "worth" at least 2.5 points (according to our faculty journal list), where Cat. 1 publications count double. For example, a Cat. 1 paper with one co-author (= 2*1 /2) or a single-authored Cat. 2 paper (= 1/1) or three Cat. 2 papers with two co-authors each (= 3*1/3) all count one point (forthcoming papers also count).

Please send a mail to if you have reached the threshold or know someone who has, providing appropriate documentation.

Mag. Dr. Andrea Seidl

Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
Department of Business Decisions and Analytics
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1; 1090 Wien
Raum 06.614


Research Interests:
Operations Research

Ass.-Prof. Mag. Lukas Steinberger, Bakk. BA PhD

Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Wien
Raum 05.45


Research Interests:
Statistical inference under differential privacy, high-dimensional data analysis, predictive inference and model selection