Federal Representation

Members of the Federal Representation represent all Austrian students nationwide in student matters  and are in direct contact with the Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

Currently, for example, the federal representatives are working on obtaining a nationwide ticket for the public transport for students.

There are 55 members of the Federal Representation.

University Representation

The University Union Representatives of the University of Vienna are called ÖH Uni Wien and represent
students of all subjects and faculties of the entire University of Vienna.

The focus of their work is to represent the students to the Rectorate and in matters concerning the whole university (for example changes in the university statutes).

There are between 9 and 27 university representatives according to the size of the institution.
The University of Vienna has 27 University Union Representatives.

Faculty Representation

The faculty representatives act as a complementary body to the student representative body and deals with the general interests of the students of our faculty.

It is made up of representatives from every field of study (BW, IBW, Statistik, VWL).

There are between 5 and 11 representatives in the faculty body according to the number of students in the particular field of study.

Student Representation

Every field of study also has a student representative body consisting of 3 to 5 elected students. Their job is to represent the students to the lecturers and professors within their department. One of their main tasks is to advise on matters of organisation and student rights, to take part in commissions and organise student events (e.g. information events and parties).

The Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics has representatives  for I-BW, Statistik and VWL.