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Research at the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics

The Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics has set itself the goal  of maintaining its position as one of the leading research institutes in Europe. Our researchers devote themselves to both basic and applied research with special attention to theoretical analysis.  

One of our goals is the development of concrete solution concepts to deal with future challenges and purposeful transfer of knowledge within the economy and within society in general. To this end, the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics at the University of Vienna steps outside its world of models to take up the real challenges posed by globalisation, socio-demographic change and the ecological need for modernisation. Cross-faculty research platforms, using synergies, pooling resources and making multi-layered academic work possible, serve this purpose.

The Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics is committed to the highest quality in research and takes the long-term perspective in line with its mandate. With well-aimed transfer of knowledge and technology the faculty, like its alma mater the University of Vienna, works towards the continual development of the innovation potential of and for the economy and society.

Structured doctorate programs and so-called initiative groups (“Initiativkollegs”) serve to foster young researchers. Young researchers and doctoral candidates are selected according to strict quality criteria, assessed by international peers. The doctoral candidates in the groups will be integrated into existing research teams as "early stage researchers".

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