Einladung zur Distinguished Lecture: Is Machine Learning Good or Bad for Science?


Der Forschungsverbund Data Science veranstaltet gemeinsam mit dem Institut für Astrophysik eine Distinguished Lecture mit dem Astrophysiker David H. Hogg der NYU am 7. Juli 2022 um 16:30 Uhr im Dachsaal der Urania. 

Is Machine Learning Good or Bad for Science?

Machine learning is presenting new opportunities in the natural sciences. The standard machine-learning workflow represents a very different epistemology than that of other kinds of scientific methods. How does that impact our results and beliefs about those? David W. Hogg will talk about the different possible roles for machine learning in science using some examples from his own field of astrophysics. He will discuss them both in terms of their epistemological and ontological underpinnings and also in terms of their effects on measurement precision and understanding. He argues that, for example, there is a great difference between using a Gaussian Process to model an unknown noise process in an experiment and replacing a physics-based simulation with a deep-learning emulator.

Donnerstag, 7. Juli
16:30 Uhr
Urania Vienna
Rooftop Vienna
Uraniastraße 1
1010 Wien

Weitere Informationen sowie die Anmeldung finden Sie hier:  

David W. Hogg ist Astrophysiker an der New York University.