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Our student representatives from International Business Administration advise students, support them when they face problems with their lectures, lecturers, professors, and represent their interests in committees.

If you are interested in actively participating and representing students to enhance your student life, feel free to contact us.

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Our main focus is advising students about organisational matters regarding their studies, representation of student interests in commissions and conferences and the organisation of events.

As we are participants of many commissions, we represent student interest for instance whenever a new curriculum is created. Additionally, we represent the student body at the Study Conference and at the Faculty Conference. When there is a call for a new professorship, we members of the student representatives are dispatched to participate in the appointments committee.

Apart from that, we are constantly planning events such as the welcome-week for freshmen, panel discussions, seminars, partys, etc.

We additionally provide learning materials. If you have any material (transcripts etc.) to share with your colleagues, we are happy to accept it during our office hours. 


Our team consists of five elected representatives who coordinate the team. Each of the elected representatives has their own area of responsibility.

  • Gunda Bode
  • Dominik Djerdj
  • Caroline Pöttinger
  • Amin Sidiqi
  • Kevin Song Xin

Gunda Bode

Dominik Djerdi

Caroline Pöttinger

Amin Sidiqi

Kevin Song Xin


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