General Information – Recognition of Examination

Recognition of Examination

For a recognition of examinations, the examinations taken have to correspond to the examination performance specified in the curriculum according to content, workload and mode of examination to a large extent.

Please check the equivalence of the examinations in advance on your own using curricula, our online course directory u:find (detailed course description) and information provided on the departments’ webpages. 

The responsible Directorate of Studies ultimately decides on the recognition of examinations. A valid admission must already be available when the application is submitted.

Not recognisable:

  • Examination results from academic secondary schools (AHS) or colleges for higher vocational education (BHS)
  • Already recognised achievements – only the original examination can be recognised.
  • Requirement courses – If requirement courses have been prescribed within the scope of the admission procedure to the Master's degree programmes, these must be completed at the faculty.

standardised recognition

These are 1:1 recognitions or recognitions that have already been released for recognition in advance by the study program director.

Recognition Procedure

with assessment by the Directorate of Studies

The examinations must be assessed by the Directorate of Studies (SPL) to determine equivalence.

Examinations taken abroad

If you have taken examinations/gained experience abroad while you have been enrolled at the University of Vienna, you find the relevant information on the web page of the International Support.

standardised recognition

  • 1:1 recognition if the same examination is offered in more than one curriculum of the University of Vienna. Please send an e-mail with a list of the examinations to be recognized directly to the SSC (


  • the equivalence of the examination was generally determined by the Directorate of Studies. Please send the completed application form and the certificate directly to the SSC (

List of examinations approved in advance by the SPL:

Required documents (pdf-Format)

  • Completed application form (in German): Recognition of examinations (fill in the second page for each course) 
    • one file named: "surname_firstname_matriculationnumber_antragsformular.pdf"
  • Transcript with course titel, course typ, examiner, the course's workload (semester hours and ECTS credits), mode of assessment
    • one file named: "surname_firstname_matriculationnumber_transcript.pdf"
  • Syllabus - description of contents of the courses completed, including a reading list
    • one file per syllabus, each named: "surname_firstname_matriculationnumber_syllabus_coursename.pdf"

Submission of recognition

Submit the complete application via e-mail from your u:account to

As soon as you have received a confirmation email from the SSC that the documents have been received correctly, please present the original documents for verification at the SSC (except for certificates from the University of Vienna and those with an official digital signature).

Please note:

  • Only correctly filled-in and complete documents will be reviewed by our Director of Studies (SPL).
  • Only after submission of the original documents the letter of recognition can be issued.
  • The legal processing period begins only if the above conditions are met.

Further procedure after the assessment of the documents by the Director of Studies (SPL)

After the submitted documents are reviewed by the SPL, you will be informed of the outcome via e-mail by the SPL's assistant.

It is crucial that you please respond to this e-mail within 14 days upon receipt and inform us according to which of the following three options you would like us to proceed. (Please note: If we have no reply from you within 14 days, we will proceed according to option 3.)

  1. Change your application by withdrawing the non-recognisable exams either via e-mail or in person at the SSC. Subsequently, a recognition document will be issued including all the exams which were approved. This is the fastest option.
  2. Visit the SPL’s consultation hours in order to discuss their decision. Your application will be further processed after the visit.
  3. Keep the application in its original version. The SSC will then issue a document including both, the recognised and non-recognisable exams. You still have the right to a written statement. Please note, due to administrative reasons this option may take up to 2 months to be processed.

Upon your response, the recognition document will be prepared at the SSC and you will be informed via e-mail as soon as the document is ready for collection.

completed extension curricula from prior study programme

If you have already completed an extension curriculum in full as part of a Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Vienna and would like to have this EC recognised for a further Bachelor's degree programme, please refer to the extension curriculum to see whether it may be used for the desired degree programme. The Directorate of Studies of the main study is responsible for the recognition of the entire EC. No registration via u:space is required for the recognition of a completed EC. For such recognition at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, please contact the SSC directly via e-mail (

Covid-19: Recognition of support work

Recognition of activities, provided that they are comparable to the internships required in the curriculum, is permissible (e.g. internships in nursing science, provided that work was done in the nursing field).
Support activities can be recognised for the alternative extension or elective courses. These recognitions cannot replace compulsory courses! No subject-related internships and/or modules for individual specialisation may be replaced by the recognition of activities related to COVID-19. If you are unsure which module of your curriculum may be used for recognition, please contact your director of studies or the SSC.

The starting date and time frame of the activity are relevant for recognition.

Activities accepted as related to COVID-19 include community service, military service, hospital service, nursing service and transport service of persons in need of care, service in water or electricity supply, care of minors in public institutions, harvest assistance, sale of food, etc.

Please use the form on the website of the Studienpräses:

Recognition of 4 ECTS points per month of support work is possible. The calculation key for the recognition is as follows:

Hours per month

ECTS points

Recognition possible?

0 – 15 hours

0 ECTS points


16 – 25 hours

1 ECTS point


26 – 50 hours

2 ECTS points


51 – 75 hours

3 ECTS points


from 76 hours

4 ECTS points


Taking examinations that are not offered by the University of Vienna

If the University of Vienna does not offer a compulsory course or compulsory elective course, you can complete this course at another university. BEFORE you complete this course, you have to apply for pre-approval from the Directorate of Studies.

Form (in German): Vorausgenehmigung (pre-approval)

Nostrification (recognition of foreign degrees)

Nostrification stands for the recognition of a foreign degree as an Austrian one. Through nostrification, the foreign degree is declared to be equivalent to an Austrian university degree. The holder is then also entitled to use an Austrian academic title.

Detailed information is available on the website of the the Office of the Studienpräses.

Initial contact in the Office of the Studienpräses:
Claudia Fritz-Larott
Office of the Studienpräses
University of Vienna
1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 1
Phone: + 43- 1-4277-12154
Fax: +43-1-4277-12159