Student counselling

 Before you can start your studies you will have to gather plenty of information. Maintaining an overview and knowing what needs to be done next is not that simple. Counselling services such as the Student Point, the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC), the students’ representatives and the Center for Doctoral Studies support students in the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes.

Student Point

The Student Point is the University of Vienna’s central service and information platform for national, international and prospective students. When you start studying, the Student Point is the most important service and information platform for you.

Student Point employees offer advice on selecting a degree programme and know everything there is to know about the different admission procedures and most important deadlines.

The difference between the Student Point and the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics is that the SSC is only responsible for students of degree programmes focusing on business and economics and mainly deals with specific organisational questions regarding the degree programme.

The Student Point, by contrast, provides advice regarding all degree programmes of the University of Vienna and deals with general questions concerning your studies as well as with questions relating to U:SPACE and U:FIND.


The StudiesServiceCentre (SSC) is the central drop-in point for students of the Faculty of Business,
Economics and Science. It offers competent and reliable advice on all questions relating to the organisation of your studies and legal concerns. Queries by email, telephone or in person are dealt with during opening times.

Students' representatives

The students’ representatives of the relevant degree programmes also give advice on selecting a degree programme and offer counselling.  For new entrants we recommend the participation in the tutorials provided for first-semester students.

Center for Doctoral Studies

The Center for Doctoral Studies gathers general information about all PhD and doctoral programmes at the University of Vienna. It provides forms, information about financial support for doctoral students, news, workshops, and much more.

In addition, the Center for Doctoral Studies organises a Welcome Day for new PhD students each year.