Academic Theses

Doctoral thesis agreement

Doctoral candidate, supervisor(s) and the University sign an agreement comprising the following points:

  • all participants' rights and obligations,
  • detailed description of the doctoral thesis project,
  • time schedule and specification of financial aspects,
  • extent of supervision (frequency of feedback meetings),
  • requirements that have to be fulfilled.

The doctoral thesis agreement is concluded after a positive presentation at the Faculty. The progress of the doctoral thesis project is documented in yearly annexes (annual reports) to the agreement.

Potential supervisors

In the following section you can find the current list of university teachers with authorisation to teach who can supervise a master's thesis or a doctoral thesis (sorted according to subject area).
The allocation of the selected topic to a subject area is subject to the relevant requirements of the curriculum.


Regulations relating to good academic practice

As university members, students as well as researchers and teachers are expected to show correct academic behaviour. This especially applies to the independent writing of theses, the correct use of sources and the correct execution of analyses. 

Students have to confirm that they adhere to the regulations relating to good academic practice when registering for the master’s thesis, Magister thesis or doctoral thesis. 

Title page

You have to meet strict requirements for the title page.

Common problems

1) Holding an academic degree
If you have already obtained an academic degree, this degree has to be entered in U:SPACE in order to use it on the title page of the academic thesis.
If it is not entered in U:SPACE, you have two options:

  • You can ask the Admission Office to add the academic degree. Afterwards you are allowed to use the degree on the title page.
  • You use only your name and no academic degree on the title page.

2) Academic degree of the supervisor
You can find your supervisor’s academic degree(s) and names in U:FIND.

Templates for title pages

There have been new requirements for title pages since 1 March 2016.
Do not use academic theses that were uploaded before March 2016 as templates. Please use only the following templates for title pages.
The information given on the title page has to be in German and English. The only exception is the title of the academic thesis that must be in the language of the approved topic.

Plagiarism check

The plagiarism check detects plagiarisms in (parts of) the academic thesis that has been submitted.

According to the 2002 Universities Act the term “plagiarism” means the following:
“Plagiarism is obvious when texts, contents or ideas are used and presented as one’s own achievement. This encompasses the appropriation and use of text passages, theories, hypotheses, findings or data through direct, paraphrased or translated rendering without identifying and citing the source and the author.” (section 51, para. 2, number 31 of the 2002 Universities Act)

Please note the following aspects of plagiarism checking:

No test run

A plagiarism check is no test run. As soon as you upload your thesis and the affidavit, plagiarism may have legal implications.

PDF conversion

You have to upload your thesis as a PDF file on the thesis server. Use the PDF service of the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID), where possible, for the conversion. Just send your file (Word, Latex, Excel, etc.) via e-mail to
After a few minutes, you should receive a correctly converted PDF file.
If you do not use the ZID service, make sure that you use the latest version of the PDF converter for your PDF conversion.

File size

Files larger than 40 MB often cause problems and should be avoided. Please pay attention to the formatting of images, tables, etc. 

Commented title page

As soon as you upload your thesis to the thesis server, a commented title page will be displayed. It serves the purpose of explaining you how a proper title page has to look like. Click through the commented title page. At the end you have to confirm that your title page meets all the University of Vienna’s requirements for title pages.  

More information on the plagiarism check is available here.