You suspect to be ill with Covid-19 or are a contact person?

If you have symptoms typical of COVID-19 (e.g. cough, fever, sore throat, etc.), stay home and call 1450.

If you were at the university 48 hours before the symptoms started, please also inform the university quickly by filling out this form: Kontaktformular  

No personal data will be given to students or teachers. Contact tracing happens anonymous

Course recognition / submission of documents / Master theses / dissertations

The SSC accepts all necessary documents in electronic form.

  • In the case of recognition, there is no need to present the original documents for the period of interruption of the teaching activities. Please note, however, that these must be presented at the latest when the certificates are collected. Details can be found here
  • Master theses can still be submitted. Please upload electronically and send the scanned and signed upload confirmation to We will forward the papers to the supervisors, even without handing in the printed versions. These can either be sent to us by mail or handed-in at a later date. 
  • Same applies to dissertations.

Covid-19: Recognition of support work

Recognition of activities, provided that they are comparable to the internships required in the curriculum, is permissible (e.g. internships in nursing science, provided that work was done in the nursing field).
Support activities can be recognised for the alternative extension or elective courses. These recognitions cannot replace compulsory courses! No subject-related internships and/or modules for individual specialisation may be replaced by the recognition of activities related to COVID-19. If you are unsure which module of your curriculum may be used for recognition, please contact your director of studies or the SSC.

The starting date and time frame of the activity are relevant for recognition.

Activities accepted as related to COVID-19 include community service, military service, hospital service, nursing service and transport service of persons in need of care, service in water or electricity supply, care of minors in public institutions, harvest assistance, sale of food, etc.

More information can be found here


You can still submit and submit applications for graduation (via traditional mail or e-mail). Applications are also processed and degrees are issued in the computer system. You can then already enrol for a Master's degree at the University of Vienna.

Physical issuance of the graduation documents is currently not planned, more detailed information will follow in the next few days on this website.


In theory, all Austrian authorities are informed about the interruption of teaching activities. If you still need confirmations for authorities, please send the exact requirements to

Delay of studies

Should the current situation, despite all efforts, lead to potential study delays for you, please contact the Director of Studies (SPL) immediately.

Militia and civilian service

Students who participate in militia or civil service activities can apply for a waiver or refund of the student fee in order to be able to continue attending classes or join courses which might be offered during the summer months. Thus, a leave of absence should only be sought if you really do not wish to participate in any classes or exams until 30 September.

Information for exchange students (Incoming + Outgoing)


The unpredictability of the situation causes great concern for exchange students since it is uncertain when or if they can return to Vienna. We understand that it can not be guaranteed that exchange students may attend courses or exams in person after regular teaching is resumed, especially if those will take place outside of the usual semester dates (e.g. in mid to late July).

  • The Director of Studies (SPL) hence will do her best to support incoming exchange students with the completion of their classes, even if they may not be able to return to Vienna for the rest of the semester. Teachers are asked for complaisance towards incoming exchange students registerd in their courses in terms of compulsory attendance of classes and exams in the course of the semester. If possible, students should be supported where necessary to complete all their classes at our faculty - e.g. by allowing submission of additional written work to make up for missed class-time, online-testing, oral exams via online tools (Skype, Jitsi... ) .



Outgoing exchange students will, where possible, be allowed to participate in courses at the University of Vienna, should they decide to cancel their stays at the partner university for the current semester. Late registrations for courses with compulsory attendance (pi) are allowed, students who are already registered must not loose their places. If you have questions, please contact the SSC.



Access to online classes

1. In Moodle, click on the activity on the class' start page - the date of your online class.

2. Within the defined period you have access as visitor via the button "join". Outwith the time period neither you nor the other participants will see this button.

If the teaches (or hosts) have not started the online class yet, you may see the button but you do not have access to BigBlueButton until the teacher is present.

You can always join the online class during the defined period by clicking on "join".

Partication in the classroom

By clicking "join", you can access the classroom via audio only. In order to keep the strain on computer servers as low as possible, participation via webcam is not possible for students.

In the classroom, you can use the following features:

  • A - Section for presentations and video broadcasts 
  • B - Options for switching between slides within a presentation
  • C - Options for digital whiteboard e.g. to add notes to a presentation slide (access granted by teacher)
    These notes can currently not be provided for download (see FAQs)
  • D - Participation in small surveys (1 question with several answer options)
  • E - Download option of a presentation file (access granted by teacher)
  • F - List of participants, usually only visible to host
  • G - Public chat, to discuss a topic 

A sample screen can be found here

Access to recordings of online classes

If the recording function for the online course has been activated and used by the instructors, you can access audio and video recordings after the end of the session.
These can be accessed in the Moodle course:
All you have to do is to click on the "Presentation" button.

Please note, the recordings of a class are only available a couple of minutes after the end of the session.




  • I cannot hear anything – what can I do?
    BigBlueButton uses Web-RTC, which is often blocked by firewalls in company and mobile phone networks as well as cafés. Check if your firewall has notified you of this or if perhaps another browser can be used. If this does not help, use another internet access. If this also does not help, please contact the support.
  • Which devices are supported?
    All rather current devices support BigBlueButton. However, on smartphones display errors may occur due to the small screen.
  • Which browsers are supported?
    All common web browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari – were tested. Should any problems occur, please check if you are using the most current version.
  • How can I ask oral questions?
    For verbal contributions, your moderator has to unlock you.
  • Can I download notes on slides or the whiteboard?
    Unfortunately, no. If this would be necessary for your class, please contact your lecturer. They may save the notes with external tools and provide them separately.