Research Seminar (PhD)

Research seminars provide an opportunity for frequent exchange between students, academic staff of the Faculty as well as guests. An important part of every research seminar is the public presentation at the Faculty

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics offers the following research seminars:

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Public presentation at the faculty

The public presentation at the Faculty serves the purpose of presenting new students and their research projects on the one hand, and provides an opportunity for exchange with other academics on the other. The foundation for the presentation is the research proposal describing the dissertation project.

Members of the Faculty and members of the doctoral advisory board present at the public presentation advise the doctoral students on how to plan their research project.

Following the advisory board’s approval of the intended doctoral project, the candidate and the supervisor can proceed to conclude the doctoral thesis agreement which specifies the further course of studies.

Information on the registration for the public presentation is available on the website of the StudiesServiceCenter. 

These dates are available for the public presentation at the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics.