Students have the right to transfer from their current curriculum to the newest curriculum or to the most up-to-date version of the curriculum.

However, please note that curricula may sometimes change substantially. There is no guarantee that courses and examinations that you have already completed as part of the old curriculum will be recognised in the new curriculum.

Any recognition regulations or automated regulations on transferring to a new curriculum issued by the directorate of studies will be announced on this website.

Bachelor's programmes

Curriculum 2011 -> Curriculum 2014

Students have the opportunity to transfer from bachelor’s programmes following the curriculum of 2011 to the curriculum of 2014.  It is their own decision whether or not they would like to transfer to the curriculum of 2014. However, note that the curriculum of 2011 will expire on 30 November 2017. Students enrolled on bachelor’s programmes that follow the curriculum of 2011 have to complete their entire degree programme by then.
If you study Business Administration (BA) or International Business Administration (IBA) and would like to transfer to the curriculum of 2014, please note that the following modules/courses have to be completed.

Business English I

If you have NOT YET completed Business English I (BE I), you will have to provide evidence of your proficiency in English  (corresponding to level B2) in order to be able to transfer to the curriculum of 2014.

Business Communication 1 + 2 or 3 + 4

The Business Communication courses (Wirtschaftskommunikationskurse, abbrev. as WiKo) are combined in the curriculum of 2014. WiKo 1 + 2 became WiKo 1. WiKo 3 + 4 became WiKo 2.

Due to this change, only courses that were successfully completed in pairs (1 + 2 and 3 + 4) can be recognised in the new curriculum.

Introductory and orientation period (STEOP)

Please note that the introductory and orientation period in the degree programmes in Business Administration, International Business Administration and Economics has changed significantly .
Please check whether you have already completed the introductory and orientation period according to the curriculum of 2014 as well before you change the curriculum.

Applying for a change of curriculum


You can apply for a change of curriculum in writing by submitting the appropriate form and the “Äquivalenzliste” (list of equivalent courses).

Fill in your personal data in the form “Unterstellung” (change of curriculum) and sign it. The StudiesServiceCenter employees will fill in the details about the curricula. Tick the courses you have already successfully completed in the list of equivalent courses of your degree programme. In case you completed any courses that are not listed on the list of equivalent courses, you can enter them in the section “Wahlmodul - Individuelle Vertiefung” (elective module - individual emphasis). This way, these surplus ECTS credits do not expire and will be allocated to the 2014 curriculum. Once you have filled in the form as well as the list of equivalent courses, please e-mail both to

Form: Unterstellung

Äquivalenzlisten der Bachelorstudien

If your application for a transfer to the curriculum of 2014 was successful, the StudiesServiceCenter will automatically allocate all your positive examination results to the 2014 curriculum. As soon as the StudiesServiceCenter has issued your official notice of recognition, you will receive a notification via e-mail. Certain examination results may not be included in the recognition regulation. In this case, you have to submit an application for the recognition of examinations to the StudiesServiceCenter.



Counting of examination attempts will be continued

If you transfer from one curriculum to another, your previous examination attempts will count in the new curriculum as well. In some subjects, however, previous examination attempts are deleted.

This regulation becomes effective once the relevant new course is offered.  The relevant course is decisive and not the curriculum that the course is part of.

Depending on the degree programme, previous examination attempts may count in the new curriculum as well or be deleted. Please refer to the lists below to find out which regulations apply to the different courses.

List on counting of examination attempts



Master's programmes

The general regulations apply to changes of master’s programme curricula.

Fill out the Formular:Unterstellung (form: change of curriculum) and submit it to the StudiesServiceCenter.

As soon as you have been transferred to the new curriculum, you can also submit the Formular:Anerkennung von Prüfungsleistungen (form: recognition of examinations) to the StudiesServiceCenter.