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Course recognition


Courses found on the Whitelists of courses are guaranted to be recognized at the home institution.

Whitelists for students from Vienna:

Whitelist Berlin
Whitelist Zurich

PLEASE NOTE, whitelists are currently under revision!


Additional courses which may be recognized upon individual application can be found in the course catalog for the Humboldt University Berlin, and in the following list for the University of Vienna
further potential courses Vienna

After the nomination

If you are selected for the programme, the subsequent procedure follows the guidelines of the Erasmus+ programme.

1. Register in the Erasmus database. We can then officially nominate you and you can apply for the Erasmus grant.
Please note: If you are nominated for a place at Zurich University you also have to register but afterwards you apply for financial support via the Swiss Mobility Fund (see Fees & Finance)

2. Hand in the first section of the completed Learning Agreement at the International Support. If your Learning Agreement contains courses which are not listed on the respective Whitelist, please include detailed course descriptions. The Director of Studies will then check the Learning Agreement and sign it.

PLEASE NOTE: Since you are participating in the Erasmus+ programme, you also have to collect the required minimum of 3 ECTS per month abroad (e.g. for a 4-month stay in Berlin, you need to have at least 12 ECTS recognised).

3. As soon as the Learning Agreement is signed, you will be contacted via e-mail by the SSC and you can collect your documents.

4. Make a copy of the signed Learning Agreement and hand it in at the responsible colleagues at the International Office at the main university building. Keep the original document to you.
Please observe the relevant deadlines!

After the exchange stay

Please fill in the experience report until 2 months after the end of your exchange stay and send it to - you are helping other students immensly with their preparations for a semester abroad.

As soon as you have received your transcript of records from your host university, please bring it - together with the filled-in last part of your Learning Agreement "After the mobility" - to the International Support.

The Director of Studies will sign the course recognition with the completed classes. After you have picked up the document, your grades will be entered into the system and transfered onto your 'Sammelzeugnis'.

Finally, you have to hand in a copy of the recognition document (= signed Learning Agreement) at the Erasmus Outgoing department of the International Office.