Conferences & Commissions

Faculty Conference

The faculty and faculty conference are headed by the dean. The dean’s duties include, for instance, communicating the major decisions in the faculty as well as semesterly reports on the future and past activities of the faculty to the faculty conference.


March 15, 2023: 10.30 am
Juni 7, 2023: 10:30 am


The duties of the faculty conference are:

Advisory services and recommendations

  • in the setting up and change of the inherent structure
  • in the setting up of intra- and inter-faculty research platforms
  • for the drafting of a development plan for the faculty
  • in the appointment of members of the scientific advisory board of the faculty by the rectorate
  • in the appointment of the Director of the Studies Programme

as well as

  • advice on the international activities of the faculty
  • preparation of a proposal on the size of the study conferences
  • consultation prior to the appointment of the deputy head of the faculty


    (Period Oct. 2022 - Sept. 2024)

    University professors

    • Thomas Gehrig
    • Daniela Hohenwarter-Mayr
    • Moritz Jirak
    • Wieland Müller
    • Thomas Pfeiffer
    • Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki

    University lecturers and academic research and teaching staff

    • Alina-Gabriela Dragomir
    • Christian Koch
    • David Wolfgang Schiestl


    General university staff

    • Carina Artner-Konecny


    • Tina Fried (VWL)
    • Marlene Steiner (Statistik)
    • Kevin Song Xin (BWL)

    Substitute members

    University professors

    1. Oliver Fabel
    2. Monika Gehrig-Merz
    3. Adamantios Diamantopoulos

    University lecturers and academic research and teaching staff

    1. Fabian Kalleitner
    2. Sabine Blaschke
    3. Lennart Ziegler
    4. Steffen Keck

    General university staff

    1. Christine Neumeyer
    2. Heide Maria Wurm