International Support

International Internship

An international internship is not only a great experience but it also strongly encouraged by our faculty.

In general, international internships may be recognised for the following curricula:

  • IBW Bachelor 2014
  • BW Bachelor 2014
  • IBW Master 2016
  • BW Master 2016
  • IBW Bachelor 2011
  • IBW Master 2006

Please visit the German version of this page for detailed information on the recognition of international internships.
If you need any assistance in English, please contact us!

Students may receive financial support for their international internship through the Erasmus+ Programme which is not tied to a recognition of the internship. It only has to be recorded in the Diploma Supplement.
The internship has to be organised by the students! If any confirmations or signatures are needed the International Support is happy to help.

Internship offers and advertisements can be found here